Bridal Makeup vs Special-Occasion Makeup

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Hair & Makeup Artist Jo Twidale answers the question: How does bridal makeup differ from special-occasion makeup?

“This is my favourite thing. A lot of the time brides come in because people might have been exposed to such a small amount of looks when it comes to makeup. We always encourage our brides to get together a look-book prior to coming in and meeting us, so that I can see the general feel of what they love. Then I would start to create something from there.

On your wedding day, you don’t want to look like you’ve been smacked in the eye with a truckload of blacks or greys, or really harsh colouring. We want to achieve a flawless look: something that is luminous and effortless, but looks like you’re wearing minimal makeup, even though the contouring that we’ve done could be quite a big job. Minimal and flawless are the two the two main things we set out to achieve.”

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