What’s Special About the Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Venue?

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Donika Mehmet answers the question: What is special about Hillstone St. Lucia?

“Whenever anyone asks me that, my mind always goes straight to the mango tree. It’s heritage listed. It’s the first thing I remember seeing when I first did a tour here when I had my job interview. It’s on all of our business cards and all about collateral to our logo. Hans and Ian like to see the mango tree as their family growing out and reaching the clients and our friends and family and community, and that’s why that’s it holds so close to me. That’s a big part of Hillstone: a lot of couples like to get married under the mango tree. It’s a very serene area and location. It’s great for photos. To me, that’s unique in terms of visuals, but from an emotional aspect or just any event aspect, I think it’s the staff. You can have the most beautiful menu, but if you’ve got shocking staff, it’s nothing. All of our staff have their own character: they’re all very good at what they do. They all might do it differently, but we deliver, and I think that’s the most important thing.”

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