The Most Popular Fit of Wedding Dress

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Dress Designer Brad Webb answers the question: What is the most popular fit?

“Definitely the most popular fit for us is a lovely sculptured defined bodice with a skirt with some volume. Often brides are thinking they want something very slim and straight up-and-down, and then when they start trying elements on they’ll put something with a little bit of skirt and a bit of traditional shape. That’s where how I was talking about how a girl might actually feel comes into play, because they put that gown on and they go, “now I feel like a bride and I’m getting married!” Often in the straight gown, they just feel like they’re going out for something. So for me and ninety percent of my customers, a fuller-cut is still more popular. There are other brides where a slimline version is right for them and their style of wedding, but generally the more traditional silhouette is more popular.”

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