Tips to personalise a wedding

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Celebrant Josh Withers answers the question: Do you have tips for personalising a wedding?

“What you’ve already planned, and I’m talking about, “have you got bridesmaids or groomsmen?” or “have you bought rings?” or “have you booked your venue?” So, where we are already? With the commitments you’ve already made to the event, just simply ask, “why not?” Just make sure you’ve got a reason for what you’re doing, and then extend that reasoning to everything else that you’re planning. Everyone would say that you have to have a photographer at your wedding and I totally agree: it’s really cool to get some awesome photos, but if you don’t value photography or videography or it’s not important to you, I’m not going to be budgeting that in. I also value live music: I think having live music your wedding is awesome, but if you don’t value it then don’t even have it, because it’ll be a waste for everyone, especially you.
So going back to that question, having bridesmaids and groomsmen… The core reason that there would be bridesmaids and groomsmen is because there was a belief that evil spirits would come and attack us or something. That’s happening: there’s a wedding, there’s a marriage that’s taking place, and evil spirits are all up for just ruining good things. If you’ve ever seen a Disney movie, you know that’s where they all are. The method of combating that attack is, “let’s put duplicates up there so when the evil spirits come, they’ll wonder which one is which, and they’ll get all confused and run away.” That was the reason that we first had bridal parties. Today you can have a bravo bridal party for a completely different reason, but if your only reason for having a bridal party is like because you think should probably fire them.”

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