Challenges You Face as a Hair & Makeup Artist

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Hair & Makeup Artist Jo Twidale answers the question: What are some of the challenges you face as a hair and makeup artist?

“The thing that I was taught by a hair master and has had a massive influence on my career was said by Benny Tokmimi. The one thing that he said to me is, “you need to learn that what you do is good enough: you need to go, wow! That work is amazing.” And that’s a challenge to me, because no matter how fabulous someone else says it is, “oh, the hair is great!” or “the makeups is flawless!”. At the end of the job, I will still go, “umm, I could have done better,” or “I could have done that different,” or “maybe next time I’d tweak that.” That’s something that I struggle with all the time: just wanting that perfection or that level.”

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