Recommending a Wedding Touch-Up Kit

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Hair & Makeup Artist Jo Twidale answers the question: What would you recommend as a wedding touch-up kit?

“Really, really simple. The way that we do makeup, you don’t need to touch it up. But there are three key things we always leave. We leave all our brides with a pin-pack: these really fine little French pins that we pad all of our hairstyles with, so there’s a massive support-system in there. But with the pin-pack, if there are any loose pieces, you literally just pin it in and it’s done. Obviously, a touch-up lipliner and a lip gloss.

The only other thing that we recommend are blotting papers. They don’t need any foundations or powders: our makeup lasts for hours, and even in the heatwaves we’ve had clients send testimonials and say, “oh my gosh, I do not know how at the end of the night I look the same as when I got married!” But blotting papers are fantastic for the fact that if you’re oily or you’re perspiring, they just take that moisture away and your foundation stays flawless underneath.”

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